Mighty Math Zoo Zillions

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions 3.1

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions is a basic math skills practice game for early learners
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Basic math skills practice for early learners.
Ryan the Lion, the Otter Twins, and other fun animal friends guide students through five activities that introduce addition, subtraction, story problems, number facts, 3D shapes, counting money, and making change.

-Offers over 100 math topics and thousands of problems
-Question & Answer and Explore & Discover modes provide opportunities for independent and structured learning
-Grow Slides automatically adjust content to advance learning as students progress

Innovative activities teach number line concepts, addition and subtraction, counting money and making change, problem-solving skills, and early three-dimensional geometry. Learning and understanding math is fun with the entertaining creatures of Zoo Zillions.Skills Learned Problem Solving & Reasoning Number Line Concepts & Counting Counting Money & Making Change Addition & Subtraction Facts Story Problems the zoo by adding and subtracting.

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